Tion Wayne And Headie One Have Been Filmed Fighting On An Aeroplane


Most of us are spending our time indoors at our homes during the lockdown at the moment, but it seems like some of us are still finding the time to get into major fights on aeroplanes.

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Rappers Tion Wayne and Headie One were both returning from Dubai when they were filmed squaring up to each other in the middle of the plane in footage that you can see below. It’s not know what the two were fighting about, but it’s nice to at least see that everyone in the video is wearing a mask.

Obviously not so good that they’re fighting with each other on a plane though during the middle of a pandemic. It was rumoured that both men were arrested following the altercation, but Tion has taken to his Instagram story to tell everyone that nobody was taken off the plane in cuffs:

Well, what was that all about then? Both of the artists seemed to be hanging out in Dubai after a successful year in music for them – Headie recently scored a number one album and Tion had a couple of top ten hits as well – but it’s not known if they interacted on the trip or whether this is some longstanding beef between the two of them or something. Guess we’ll see if anything else happens between them in the coming days.

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