Tinder Just Went Into Meltdown On Twitter After Vanity Fair Wrote A Negative Article About Them

Tinder and Vanity Fair have got beef and you already know whose side we’re on.

We’re strictly pro-Tinder here at Sick Chirpse, not least because its users provide us with A+ material for our weekly Tinder series, plus other wacky stories about Tinder dates gone wrong. Plus it’s made hook ups super easy for willing men and women alike and even resulted in a ton of marriages, what’s not to love about that?

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Not everyone loves the app as much as us though, and for some reason the peeps over at Tinder HQ have taken one particular article from Vanity Fair very badly indeed.

Vanity Fair basically crapped on Tinder in their story by taking the whole “romance is dead” angle, essentially blaming dating apps like Tinder for killing it. They say it’s only good for men who want to “pursue a short-term mating strategy”, and for women who want to get “free meals disguised as dates”.

For some reason Tinder took this shade from Vanity Fair very personally indeed, and whoever’s in charge of their Twitter account went into full on meltdown mode. Take a look at these:

So yeah, they’d probably have done better to just ignore that article. No one who’s swiping on Tinder gives a shit what Vanity Fair thinks, and neither should they. Should probably get someone with thicker skin to run the Twitter account I reckon.

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