This New Tinder Trend Is The Disturbing Way To Stalk Someone On Social Media


If you ever want to get a date, don’t do this.

Another day, another dating trend. This time it’s relating to men on Tinder and let me tell you guys, if you ever want to get a date, don’t do this.

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It’s called Tindstagramming and it’s a method that allows people to stalk their crushes from Tinder even if they didn’t match. Back in the day if you swiped right on someone on Tinder but they didn’t swipe right on you then no match was made and that was that.

However, in 2015 the app started letting its users link up their Instagram accounts, which was meant to just be a way for potential dates to show of their lifestyle. However, it’s also given people a way to find dates outside of the app and since then, this new trend has emerged whereby creepy people are slipping into people’s Instagram DMs and trying to get a date that way.

Seems like it’s mostly guys who are the main offenders here, but obviously there must be some female culprits out there too. I just don’t get why anyone would think it’s a good idea to message someone who had rejected you on another app. What do you think they’re going to suddenly like you because you’ve messaged them on a different social media platform? Sort it out.

If you’re someone who has experienced this then perhaps it’s time to wipe that Instagram information from your Tinder profile. It’s the only way to stop the creeps.

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