Tinder Reveals The Most Swiped-Right People In The UK



Although Tinder has led to many success stories, it takes a lot of filtering through the dick pics, one-off hookups and straight-up psychopaths.

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Of course, those odds of finding a significant other are increased if you match with a lot of people. The question is how to make that happen.

Perhaps the people in this story might have a few tips, as they’ve been revealed as Tinder’s 30 most right-swiped people in the UK.

According to the dating app, who teamed up with Cosmopolitan to reveal the list, the people in this exclusive club are between the ages of 19-34 and come from all over the country. Check out ten of the UK’s most popular Tinder users below:

Dáire, 27, financial advisor and entrepreneur, Dublin

When asked what his bio included, he said:

Just my name, location and Instagram handle. You don’t want to give it all away upfront.

You can find his profile here.

Peter, 26, barrister, Belfast

Speaking about what makes him swipe right, Peter replied:

Someone funny, ambitious and hard-working.

You can find his profile here.

Elise, 19, food retail server, County Antrim

Elise’s tips for standing out are as follows:

Confidence is key, I’m quick witted and find it easy to come up with conversation starters – small talk is the worst. Boys appreciate no make-up photos too, I’ve been sat with guy friends while they’ve been on Tinder and they’ve said things like, ‘She’s pretty but I don’t know what she looks like’.

You can find her profile here.

Eliana, 19, student, Aberdeen

Discussing the best date she’s ever had, Eliana revealed:

The day before our date was planned, the guy messaged asking if I fancied going along to a stand-up comedy night that evening instead, which was random, but really fun and spontaneous. Flowing conversation is the most important thing on a date, the venue doesn’t really matter as long as that’s there.

You can find her profile here.

Marley, 22, DJ, Swansea

Marley revealed his bio says the following:

It lists my job – I used to be a footballer, now I’m a DJ – and where I study.

You can find his profile here.

Ella-Morgan, 25, cosmetic surgery consultant, Bristol

What make’s Ella-Morgan swipe right?

Tall, tanned and if they’ve got a sausage dog, then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, marry me!’ I prefer talking on the phone before meeting.

You can find her profile here.

Michelle, 20, student, London

When asked about her fave pick-up line, Michelle said:

It’s really hard thinking of something, so I have a lot of respect for the guys who reach out first. I don’t usually, unless I think they’re hot, in which case I usually send a GIF.

You can find her profile here.

Marcus, 20, student, Leeds

Marcus’ tip for standing out is simply:

Don’t be so keen that you reply after ten seconds of matching.

You can find his profile here.

Paris, 21, model, London

Discussing her best ever date, Paris said:

A racing car driver recently took me to Monaco on a third date. I’ve been flown to Paris for a date before too, but that one was actually kind of boring.

You can find her profile here.

Ryan, 22, professional wakeboarder, Berkshire

What does Ryan’s bio say?

I’m the weirdest kid I know. Looking to meet interesting people who can make me laugh more than my friends.

You can find his profile here.

And you can check out the rest of the top 30 on Cosmo.

So there you have it, a few tips and insights into being one of the most popular Tinder users in the country. So what have we learned from this? All you have to do to thrive in the dating game is be young, gorgeous, successful and confident. Simple.

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