Absolute Genius Hacks Tinder So That Straight Guys Flirt With Each Other

Tinder Hack Featured

Can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to do this.

Everyone knows that guys are notorious jerks to girls when it comes to Tinder, because they can pretty much say anything they want and there aren’t any consequences at all. If you need any evidence of that, check out Twats On Tinder and Tinder Nightmares.

Finally, someone has decided to give guys a taste of their own medicine by hacking the app so that two guys match each other and end up talking to each other, but actually think that they’re talking to a girl as that’s the profile that they’re seeing. You can see some of the results on the slideshow below – the best part is easily the fact that the guys don’t even realise what the other guy is saying for ages and both of them keep it going for  a while, only to be end up completely and utterly confused after a while.

Tinder Hack 1

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