This New Tinder Hack Will Help Unlucky Daters Get Laid Every Time


Quantity over quality.

We all know that dating in the post-Tinder world can be tough and when it comes to finding people on the dating app, it gets very tedious having to swipe through profiles for hours and still coming up empty.

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However, just imagine how much that success rate would go up if you could swipe on more than 6,000 dating profiles in an hour (without your thumb falling off). Well this could soon be a reality as a startup company has created a gadget called the ‘Tinda Finger’ – a new phone accessory that claims to free up your time and maximise your chance to find a match.

OK, so you might end up swiping right on every damn profile you come across, but there will be at least a few matches that you’ll be interested in meeting.

The Tinda Finger is currently raising money to make this gadget a reality on Kickstarter. But although it might just be a prototype, they’ve already reached £5000 of its pledged £2000 goal and if you donate £7 then you can get one of these badboys for your iPhone or Android in December 2017 – just in time for that Christmas Tindering. Because no one likes to be alone at Christmas. Happy Tinda Fingering everyone.

Just make sure you don’t end up screwing up the date like this girl did.


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