Watch Tinder Conversations Take Place In Real Life

Tinder Conversations Real Life

This highlights how ridiculous the whole Tinder phenomenon really is.

Tinder came into our lives a couple of years ago and seems destined to stay there forever, even though it seems to attract the kind of crude and lewd idiots that no girl would actually want to get with – as illustrated by Twats Of Tinder and Tinder Nightmares and countless other pages that have been set up to document how gross and weird people can be on it.

This might be the best example of how cringeworthy and lame some people’s attempts are at getting with girls via the platform though as real Tinder conversations are acted out in real life. As you can expect, they’re pretty embarrassing and it really does make you wonder how people can say stuff like this over the internet and think it’s OK. The acting doesn’t really help either because it’s so terrible, but that kind of makes the whole video even better.

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