The Tinchy Stryder/Chuckle Brothers Collab Video Has Finally Dropped

Tinchy Stryder Chuckle Brothers

To me to you.

Over a month after Tinchy Stryder first teased a team up between himself and the Chuckle Brothers, the official music video for the track ‘To Me To You’ has been released.

The song and video are pretty much exactly what you would imagine them to be: Tinchy rapping a bit, a few Chuckle Brothers catchphrases and a really dumb video where the trio get into mischief wandering around a suburban area. It’s almost like a brand new episode of Chuckle Vision. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Again as you might expect the team up has occurred to raise money for charity and this time it’s the ACLT that is benefitting. They’re a charity that raises money for those suffering from leukaemia, which I’m sure you can agree is as worthy a cause as any so you might as well buy the single and help them out. You’ve got to admit, it’s catchy.

Not sure if it’s going to win team up of the year though – surely that honour goes to Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings and Buckethead from Guns N Roses who actually teamed up to make some decent – albeit completely weird – music surprisingly.


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