The time-lapse photography video to beat all time-lapse photography videos.

We’re a big fan of Time-lapse photography here at Sick Chirpse, as you probably already know because we used to post about it quite a lot. Well I can honestly say that I think I’ve found a video of time-lapse photography to beat all time-lapse photography videos, and the story that goes with it is just awesome.

TimeScapes: The Movie is a montage of incredible footage of contrasting colours made up from space, the sky and our world. The footage alone is amazing enough to put it right up there at the top above all other time-lapse photography videos. The video was made by astronomy photographer of the year Tom Lowe, and is available to buy in a heap-load of different formats over on the TimeScapes website. There was no question that this wouldn’t find itself on torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, and when it did, instead of blowing his load and going all crazy on the up-loader about copyright infringement etc. Tom Lowe took a different approach, he left this comment on the torrent:

You can’t argue with that. So check out the trailer for TimeScapes below, and if you dig it as much as we do, buy the movie here and support Tom Lowe and his crew so they can make even more amazing videos like this one for our enjoyment.

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