This Timeline Is Going Viral For Exposing The Government’s Awful Response To Coronavirus

It’s been a shitshow.

Most people seem to have reacted with confusion and despair following Boris Johnson’s speech last night where he didn’t really say anything and appeared to contradict himself in every other sentence.

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I don’t know why anyone was surprised that he was talking complete and utter waffle yet again, but in case anyone is still in any doubt over how appalling the government’s response to the pandemic has been, then the following timeline of events is going viral on Twitter and this really does hammer it home. Take a look for yourself below:

Damn. I would say normally that maybe it’s a bit biased because it hasn’t really drawn attention to anything that the government has done right during this lockdown, but then you kinda have to realise that they haven’t really done anything right at all.

The real question really has to be why we’re even talking about lifting lockdown restrictions when we have the second highest death count in the world and the curve hasn’t really been flattened even slightly. Surely we should all be staying indoors even longer until the number of deaths per day is way lower? Just saying.

For more of the same, check out this thread that exposed what’s really happening during lockdown in the UK. That one’s even better.


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