This Time Traveller From The Year 3700 Brought Back Part Of A Robot He Killed In The Human V AI War

TIme Traveller Year 3700

Must be true then.

Earlier on this year there was a whole multitude of videos involving time travellers from all over the shop revealing what was going on in the future and how the world was going to change, but it’s been some time since we’ve seen the last one.

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Don’t worry though because it’s been worth the wait as the latest ridiculous video features something that we’ve never actually seen before: a prop from the future. The unknown man claims that he managed to kill a robot using his bare hands in the human v robot war of 3700, after he was sent into the future as part of his job during his role at the National Secure Laboratory of Canada.

You can watch the full interview below but I’ve written down some of the best bits below it as well:

We sent many groups and single travels to the future. I was also involved in that groups [sic] and was travelling with them. We were travelling to random years but our main target was the year 3700…

Since the year 3700 humanity was entirely replace [sic] by robots, artificial intelligence and softwares.

The robots who had artificial intelligence, once they understood their power, they understood their dominance above humans and raised above them. They were slaves but become [sic] the leaders. The war had been started, the war that kind of nobody seen before [sic].

There is so much power in this little hand that it can divide you in hundred pieces [sic]. The foxes were moving very fast and it was difficult to shut down them [sic]. Although they were jumping very high, and if it would notice and approach to you [sic], your chances to stay alive [sic] would be miserable.

Kinda cool he managed to kill one with his bare hands though hey? If you didn’t watch all of the video, the dude reckons he went on 18 mission to the future and brought back a whole bunch of things to study. He’s now going public because the people know the truth and is currently hiding somewhere in Asia so the Canadian government can’t track him down. I wouldn’t be so sure after divulging a big scoop like this though – would you?

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