A Time Traveller Who Accurately Predicted England Scores Claims Italy Will Win Euro 2020

Do you believe him?

The country is still reeling from the England Denmark semi final on Wednesday night as we turn our attention to the biggest day in English football history in the last 55 years on Sunday and everyone seems to have an opinion/prediction on what’s going to happen when we come up against Italy.

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One man who claims to have a bit more knowledge on the subject than most people though is ‘time traveller’ nsh.official. The guy has been correctly predicting England’s scores all throughout the tournament, with the most striking guess being the 4-0 thumping of Ukraine last Saturday in the quarter final.

However, their latest prediction is sure to wind some people up the wrong way as they have Italy down as winning 2-1 with Barella scoring in the 31st minute, Mason Mount equalising in the 48th before Chiesa bags the winner in the 77th minute. Take a look below and see what you think:

@nsh.officialJust here to help you out ##football ##em ##euro2020 ##final ##italy♬ Back in Time x Hung Up – NSH

Lol. Can’t believe that 7 million people have viewed that, but the whole ‘time traveller’ thing has been massive for a few years now and only seems to be getting bigger.  Sure does makes sense that if someone could actually travel back in time that they would spend their days growing a TikTok following and telling everyone predictions about football matches, doesn’t it?

I wouldn’t take too much notice of what this guy is saying, although if you wanted to put a bet on with those exact things happening then it’s probably worth a bit of a punt. Might make it slightly easier if we lose hey?

Actually, if you look at some of the comments a bunch of people are saying that he’s regularly deleted videos where his predictions haven’t come true, so I think that’s probably enough evidence to establish that this guy isn’t a time traveller – as if we needed any in the first place – and that England are going to win on Sunday. It’s coming home.

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