This Time Lapse Video Of The Lifetime Metamorphis Of A Dynastes Heracles Beatle Is Absolutely Mindblowing

Beatle Foetus

From the egg to the beetle is an absolutely incredible journey.

Nature is a weird and wonderful thing that I doubt we’ll ever fully understand and videos like the one below just 100% prove this.

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The video shows the time lapse evolution of the life of a Dynastes Heracles Beetle from a tiny egg into a monstrous fuck off beetle. Let me tell you, there are some absolutely messed up stages of its journey that are just completely weird and beyond my comprehension. Not something I want to ever be involved with basically, but see for yourself:

Weird right? Kinda even stranger that the dude wants to put this beetle in its hand during all the gross stages of its metamorphosis too, but I guess he’s some kind of outdoorsy guy like Bear Grylls or something. Still weird though.

In case you want to know anything about the Dynastes Heracles Beetle, then it’s a large beetle native to the rainforests of Central America, South America, Lesser Antilles, and the Andes. The biggest of them can grow to 17.5cm including the horn, and I hope I never meet one. That’s it.

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