Timber Tots Are The Perfect Children’s Toy For Your Coronavirus Quarantine

Timber Tots are the best new children’s toy out there.

Timber Tots are the exciting new children’s toy from Klorofil that children will spend hours upon hours playing with – both on their own and with their friends.

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Timber Tots are a toy family of woodland creatures who live and play together in the forest with over 50 unique characters for children to collect. Timber Tots like nothing better than spending their days celebrating the wonders of nature within the magic tree or creating garlands of spring flowers.

As far as children’s toys go, Klorofil are clearly onto a winner with Timber Tots. The characters are instantly likeable with families such as NutNut, TwitTwit and PawPaw mean that Timber Tots are perfectly representing the many different animal types that are found in a natural forest and making them the perfect children’s toys.

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The fact that Timber Tots are a collectable toy also works to their advantage when it comes to children’s toys. Your children will love meeting up with their friends so that their respective Timber Tots can go on their own adventures inside the Magic Forest or The Mushroom House or whatever location is their favourite.

As well as the ones just mentioned, there are a variety of different locations provided by Klorafil that the Timber Tots can hang out and experience. The world of children’s toys – and your own – will never be the same again thanks to Klorafil and the Timber Tots.

Timber Tots are available from the Timber Tots website, the Klorafil website and wherever good children’s toys are sold. Be the envy of every kid in the playground with your brand new set Timber Tots by Klorafil – the future of children’s toys.

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