TikToker Going Through Rough Breakup Pulls Gun On Live, Gets Saved By Hero Wellness Officers

This is a difficult watch.

Wow. That’s what you call a successful wellness check. The officer and crisis worker were perfectly non-judgmental and supportive. I’m so glad they hugged it out there at the end too and managed to convince this young person that things will get better, which they will. A break-up at a young age may seem trivial when you’re an adult, but we all have a different tolerance for emotional pain, and many haven’t necessarily developed the tools to deal with that kind of trauma. Big up those absolute heroes turning up and saving the day.

Side note – was anyone else surprised by the quality of rapping/songwriting there? Some serious bars, and obviously the delivery was as authentic and real as it gets. Big up The Beans!

For the painting that Bill Murray says stopped him from committing suicide, click HERE.


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