Bill Murray Says That A Painting Stopped Him From Committing Suicide

A beautiful story.

Mental health is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days – particularly after Simone Biles’ withdrawal from the Olympics last week – so it’s always inspiring to hear that legendary people like Bill Murray have been in similar situations in their lives and that these conditions can affect everyone out there whoever they are.  And most importantly that they can be turned around.

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In a clip that has resurfaced recently on Twitter, Bill Murray told this story back at a press conference for his 2014 movie ‘The Monuments Men’ with George Clooney when a reporter asked him what art has meant to him throughout his life. Somewhat surprisingly, Murray then revealed that a piece of art actually ended up saving his life after he felt suicidal following a disastrous stage performance.

Here’s the clip:

I’d realised I’d walked the wrong direction – not just the wrong direction in terms of where I lived, but the wrong direction in terms of a desire to stay alive.

I then thought, ‘Well if I’m going to die where I am, I may as well just go over towards the lake and maybe I’ll float for a while after I’m dead.

I walked for hours and ended up in the Art Institute of Chicago where I came across Jules-Adolphe Breton’s painting ‘The Song of the Lark’.

I thought, ‘Well there’s a girl who doesn’t have a whole lot of prospects, but the sun’s coming up anyway and she’s got another chance at it’.

So I think that gave me some sort of feeling that I, too, am a person and I get another chance everyday the sun comes up.

Damn. What a beautiful story. You often hear about people feeling suicidal but then they’re suddenly saved by a random moment like one of their favourite songs coming on the radio or a text message from an old friend and here’s another one to add to the list. You’re not alone, keep going. Bill Murray got through it and look how that turned out.

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