TikTok User Goes Super Viral Asking People In Expensive Cars What They Do For A Living (VIDEO)

“Hey man, what do you do for a living?”

One of the most relatable things in the world is seeing people with nice houses and nice cars and wondering what the hell they do for a living.

Well thanks to this TikTok user who is happy enough to just walk up to these people and ask them, we now have some insight into the professional lives of people who ride around in the world’s most luxury vehicles every day:

@itsdanielmacFerrari People Are Doing Halloween Right ##whatdoyoudoforaliving♬ Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ

@itsdanielmacThat Dog is Out Here Living The Good Life ##whatdoyoudoforaliving♬ Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado

@itsdanielmacOnly 500 Bugatti Chiron’s Ever Made 🦄 ##whatdoyoudoforaliving♬ New Thang – Redfoo

Interesting stuff. Although I am surprised that not even one person answered “it’s a lease and I’m up to my eye balls in debt”. Seems that would be the case for a lot of people who ride around in expensive cars. Pretty sure the guy in the yellow G-wagon is still living off his dad though.

I also think these TikToks sort of dispel the myth that ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Literally every single person in this video looks happy AF. I don’t think the average person who is maybe struggling financially would be quite as welcoming to a TikToker just rolling up on them with his smartphone and asking questions about what they do for a living.

Side note – imagine being that rich and pulling up to the dude filming and actually saying “I’ve seen your videos”. Guess this guy’s TikTok channel really is blowing up.

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