This TikTok About Going Back To The Pub Is Making Everyone Very Emotional

Not a dry eye in the house.

There was a strange feeling emanating all over the country yesterday that we hadn’t felt for some time after Boris Johnson laid out his roadmap for getting out of COVID, as everyone allowed themselves to dream that we might have something resembling a normal summer.

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This outflow of emotion has been emphasised by countless posts on social media from pretty much the entirety in the country, but I don’t think anyone has nailed it quite as well as whoever has made this TikTok about a bunch of people going back to the pub, getting ;airy and singing Savage Garden’s ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ together. Get ready to shed a tear:

Wow. Not a dry eye in the house. You just know all that is so on point about every hard man boozer that you’ve ever been in. The reaction on Twitter was similar:

Emotional. Of course, I hate to be a bummer about this but even though the vaccine rollout seems to be going well, it seems almost certain that something will happen that will mean that this doesn’t end up going according to plan. Whether that’s due to the government’s incompetence or a new mutant strain or even something else we don’t know about yet going down, I don’t know, but you can almost bet your bottom dollar on it happening.

We are on the way out though so at least that’s positive. Truly madly deeply.

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