TikTok Has Banned ‘That Vegan Teacher’ After 20,000 People Sign Petition

She was accused of racism and homophobia.

I’ve always been sceptical as to whether or not petitions actually accomplish anything – regardless of how many signatures they actually end up receiving – but here’s an example of just 20,000 of them being enough to see something happen.

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We’re talking about how a petition that was signed by just 20,000 people has seemingly been enough for ‘That Vegan Teacher’ to be banned from TikTok for violating community guidelines, despite the fact that she had amassed 1.7 million followers herself. This was because the petition claimed that her content was both ‘morally and ethically repugnant’, saying the following:

Her targets have included minors under 18, the LGBTQ+ Community, person’s with disabilities, people of the black community, various religions and more.

I gotta say that I’m not too familiar with her content really so I can’t comment on whether or not that’s true – it seems unlikely considering she’s preaching about veganism though – but ‘That Vegan Teacher’ has responded through her YouTube channel and is fighting the decision arguing that veganphobic carnists (great term) are the reason that she’s been banned. Here’s what she had to say:

Many of you woke up this morning and found out that my account was banned on TikTok, and I know many of you are jumping for joy and thinking that this is a great victory

Somehow, it makes you smile to know that an animal rights activist is being silenced on one of the platforms.

Why is that? Why does that bring you joy? I know why – because you’re feeling guilty. You know you shouldn’t be eating animals, you know you shouldn’t be paying to exploit them, and you cannot look in the mirror and see that in you.

You’re suffering from cognitive dissonance; you think you’re a good person, but on the other hand, you pay people to rape, torture and murder these innocent animals, who never did one single thing wrong to you.

I have repeatedly stated that the LGBTQ community, and everyone, regardless of skin colour, age, social status or religion should be given equal rights, protected, cherished and loved.

I also stated that members of all minority groups should tap into their own oppression and use that to help them understand the oppression that the animals live each and every moment in factory farms.

Vegans are normally associated with progressive liberal attitudes, so it’s weird that she would accused of racism, ableism and homophobia in her posts, but I guess there must have been a reason that 20,000 people signed a petition to ban her from the platform and it ended up being successful? Again, I can’t really comment on that though because I haven’t seen the actual posts, but it seems like a very strange situation from reading up about it.

Guess we’ll have to see how it plays out and whether veganphobic carnists are going to become another vocal minority group in the battle over animal rights. Seems like this could just be the beginning.

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