The Best And Worst TikTok Videos In Existence #10

Whoever made the Teletubbies porno needs to be arrested.

The world of TikTok and the ability to lipsync to music videos and do really weird stuff in the process is something that I’m never going to understand at all, but that’s not going to stop me sharing the absolute dumbest ones on the internet with you.


Let’s go:

That’s what we like to see.

I have no idea what’s happening.

Gotta love that guy munching his burger in the background and enjoying the show.

Good stuff.

Oh my god.

What a shot.

It’s lit.


Fun game to play with the missus.

Oh sweet baby Jesus I was not expecting that.

Serious COD flashbacks.

You’re going to hell for laughing at that one.

This guy is absolutely electric!

Fighting your cat is a losing game.


Holy crap!

It wouldn’t be a Tik Tok collection without a decent dose of cringe.

I’ve heard of dancing on someone’s grave, but dancing on their corpse? Yikes.

And we’re done.

Ok that’s enough of that I think my head is gonna explode if I look at any more of this stuff. Until next week, why not click here for every one we’ve ever done? That should keep you occupied.


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