Tiger Woods Just Freaked Out The Entire Internet By Posting This Weird Selfie


Nothing can prepare you for this.

Tiger Woods is no longer as relevant in popular culture as he once was – probably because his golf career is on the decline and nobody likes him anymore after it was revealed he was a serial cheater – but even so this latest attempt to reclaim his popularity really is just plain weird.

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For some reason, Woods thought it would be a good idea to send out the following tweet where he’s pictured as a topless Santa Claus with sunglasses, a white goatee and a baseball cap. He’s calling himself the Mac Daddy Santa and bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it:

Jesus. I don’t think anyone ever needs to see that. If that’s the way he dresses can you imagine how he speaks or what kind of persona he adopts when he’s talking to people? Too scary to really contemplate isn’t it?

As you might expect, everyone was suitably appalled by this and the internet wasn’t happy with Woods at all, with most people branding him a complete and utter weirdo. Some people were also pretty creeped out by the way that he called himself Mac Daddy Santa when he arguably adopted somewhat of a ‘Mac Daddy’ persona when he was cheating on his wife with a bunch of side girls, but I suppose he wasn’t thinking about that when he stuck up this pic. Glad I’m nowhere near his house this Christmas if that’s the kind of crap I would have to put up with.

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