Tiger Woods Apologises For Spreading Misogyny After Handing Justin Thomas A Tampon

Hole in one.

Controversy hit the world of golf for one of the first times last week after one of the greatest players in the game was accused of spreading misogyny by handing his partner a tampon after he outdrove him during the first round of the Genesis Invitational.

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The player is obviously Tiger Woods and his friend was Justin Thomas and the moment was clearly captured on the cameras for everyone to see. It only took until the day after for USA Today’s Christine Brennan to call Tiger out for spreading misogyny thanks to his actions.

Check it all out below;

When the biggest name in the sport’s history is giddily spreading misogyny down the fairway, it might just confirm a woman’s suspicions about golf and send her to any one of the scores of other sports she can play for the rest of her life without running into a dude playing a juvenile tampon joke.

You probably heard about the incident yourself over the weekend – even the England women’s football team were asked to comment on it for some reason – and it wasn’t that much of a surprise that Woods himself had to address it at his press conference on Friday afternoon:

It was supposed to be fun and games but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way, if I offended anyone, that was not the case it was just friends having fun.

If I offended anyone in any way shape or form, I’m sorry, it was not intended to be that way.

Lol tell us you’re sorry without really saying you’re sorry why don’t you Tiger? To be honest I think the tampon thing is kind of funny and stupid, but I do understand why it’s controversial and offensive and misogynistic and why it can’t really be seen as ‘just banter’ this day, but Woods’ apology doesn’t really convey that’s he understood that and more that he just wants to suck it up, get everyone off his back and move on.

Has he acheived that? Probably not because everyone is still talking about it and it looks as though it might overshadow his legacy as the greatest golfer of all time.

Whether that or anything else involved with this whole silly incident is going to progress the misogyny problem in sports – or society for that matter – any time soon is anyone’s guess though. Probably not is my take on it as well.

Anyway Tiger should probably keep it in his pants if he wants to play jokes like that in the future. Not the first time he’s been told that hey.

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