Dude Gets Attacked By Tiger Shark And Posts GRUESOME Video Of Injury To Instagram (NSFL)


27 year old John Braxton just got his leg munched by a tiger shark in Hawaii, but was hardcore enough to film the footage on his phone and upload it to Instagram for all to see. Cheers John.

The injury is entirely NSFL — you have been warned:


Holy crap, that might be even more disgusting than the time Bear Gryll’s producer got bitten by that venomous snake (also NSFL). And yet not only does this guy seem lucid and switched on but he’s also chill enough to film his injury and share it with the world before he’s even made it to hospital. I’m pretty sure I made a bigger deal out of banging my toe on the chair last week than this guy made from getting eaten alive by a tiger shark.

Here’s hoping John makes a speedy recovery — I’ve got a feeling he’s got the right attitude about it.


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