Watch Three Thugs Start On An MMA Trained Whiteboy And Get The Crap Kicked Out Of Them

MMA Guy Wins 3 On 1 Fight


There’s not much better than seeing a bunch of bullies getting their comeuppance and that’s exactly what you’re about to see in the video below.

It features three thugs who for some reason have decided to get into a ruckus with a one single guy. You can kind of tell that they’re starting on him because he’s completely defensive and has his back to the wall most of the time. Also there’s three of them and one of him so it’s unlikely that he really would have brought the fight to them, isn’t it?

Whether or not he did though doesn’t really matter because he absolutely schools them with some sick MMA moves, especially at the end when the one guy thinks he’s got him on the floor but he unleashes a completely killer ground game that he just can’t stop. Read it and weep sucker:

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Enit. Do not mess. It’s kind of completely lame how everyone makes him stop the fight when he starts winning – I mean it’s not like they were looking to stop it when it was a three on one situation were they? – but I suppose it’s just whatever for the dude because he kicked three tough guys’ asses. Ain’t nobody gonna be picking on him any time soon.

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