Three Sainsbury’s Workers Attacked After Kicking Customer Out Of Store

Here we go again.

It’s only Monday morning and we’re already featuring a video of someone attacking supermarket staff so it looks like February might end up being even better than January for this kind of shit. Is better the right word here?

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The video comes from a Sainsbury’s in Clapham high street and was taken at around 4pm yesterday afternoon and features a man slapping one of the Sainsbury’s workers in the face after he has been dragged out of the store for allegedly being abusive towards the staff members. The video then continues as other employees drag the guy to the ground and start punching him.

Here’s what one witness had to say about the incident:

He was shouting but I don’t think it’s fair how he is being handled.

He says he hasn’t done anything and isn’t being violent or aggressive, but several security guards tackled him.

Yeah bit of a weird one that. Normally I would side with the supermarket workers but maybe this was a bit of an overreaction on their part if the witness is saying so? Having said that though, you can clearly see this guy slap a female employee in the video so maybe he was asking for it? It is obviously edited to not show him in the best light though as well.

He was also arrested following the incident on suspicion of assault and a racially aggravated public order offence, so you would think that he was probably in the wrong here despite what they witness is saying. Hopefully the police manage to figure it out and get to the bottom of it, but it doesn’t sound like it’s looking too good for the guy right now.

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