This Girl’s Incurable Rare Condition Means Drinking Leaves Her With Three Day Hangovers

This is legitimately the hangover from hell.

A 19-year-old student at Royal Holloway university has described how there is no cure for her debilitating illness that leaves her suffering from three day hangovers every time she drinks.

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Shannon Birse was dianogsed with fibromyalgia last year — a painful joint condition which also means she has to deal with chronic fatigue and hardcore migraines.

She has to take 30 tablets a day just to keep the condition under control.

At first I found it difficult because you grieve for the life you thought you could have.

But I’m more positive now, although I still have bad days where I feel fed up.


She told The Tab:

Everything started in February last year.

I came down with a virus called labyrinthitis which causes vertigo and sickness and this was treated by doctors.

But I started getting severe joint pain and muscle pain and I was only getting two or three hours sleep a night.

It’s not even restorative sleep because my body doesn’t enter into REM.

On finding a cure someday:

All of these treatments cost a lot of money so my friends and family are doing an absail for me to try and raise money for treatment, and also to research a cure.


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And you thought your hangovers were bad. Take your worst ever hangover and stretch it over 72 hours and that’s basically what Shannon has to deal with every time she drinks. Extreme dry mouth, pounding headaches, throwing up every time she moves, basically feeling like a complete noodle for three days straight. I’m honestly going to think of this story and gain some perspective any time I’m hungover from now on.

In case you didn’t know, the Chinese reckon they’ve worked out the perfect hangover cure… and you might have some in your fridge right now.


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