This Thread About The Last Year Of Jordan Peterson And His Daughter’s Life Is Absolutely Crazy

Ever wonder what he’s been up to?

Jordan Peterson rocketed into the public consciousness a few years ago when he started criticising gender identity and expression and this developed into his thoughts on political correctness as well and turned him into some kind of superstar lecturer, but I haven’t really noticed him doing anything for the last couple of years really.

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I figured he had just experienced his fifteen minutes of fame and had gone back to living life under the radar, but it turns out that it’s been way, way crazier than that and he and his daughter Mikhaila have been having quite the time over the last eighteen months or so. Here’s a thread that explains what they’ve been up to, including Jordan being mortally ill about five times by the sound of things, all down to some kind of weird new diet that Mikhaila made him go on.

It’s as weird as that summary makes it sound:

Er what? Just to sum it up, I think that Mikhaila started some weird new diet, convinced her father Jordan to take it which led to him staying up for 25 days straight and then being placed in a medically induced coma in Russia for eight days to try and fix him up, culminating with them all moving to Serbia and her infecting him with Coronavirus? There was also a weird aside where Mikhaila left her husband to travel around Romania with some weird pickup artist guy because her husband had a demon in his head.

At least I think that’s what’s been going on. It’s kinda like some weird Christopher Nolan crossed with Garth Ennis and Irvine Welsh inspired road trip and this is only the stuff that’s been posted on social media that we know about – you can bet that the truth is going to be way weirder and stranger. Might have to buy Peterson’s next book if he makes it out of all this in one piece. Definitely giving Mikhaila a follow right now though.

Obviously there’s no way to know if any of this is even remotely true but the fact the guy has included receipts kinda makes me think that it is. Staggering.

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