A Thread Of Former Co-Workers Sticking Up For Meghan Markle Has Appeared After Bullying Accusations

What’s the verdict on Meghan Markle?

You can’t really go anywhere at the moment without hearing about the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle beef with the Royal Family, and it looks like it’s only going to get more explosive in the run up and aftermath of this Oprah Winfrey interview that’s going to be broadcast on Sunday.

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Yesterday the Royal Family clapped back at Markle, claiming that she bullied members of her support staff so much that they were forced to quit and that these were people that were working for the Royal Family for years and had never experienced behaviour like it from anyone else in all their time there. This was backed up by an anonymous message sent to the notorious deuxmoi celebrity gossip Instagram account:

Sounds like it could be true hey? Only thing is, that ANOTHER thread has appeared on Twitter full of people who are claiming to have worked with Meghan when she was an actress on Suits and other productions, saying how she didn’t have any ego and was a completely wonderful person to work with. Here are a few of the highlights:

Well, who to believe here? Doesn’t really seem like anyone making these posts would have anything to gain from sending them out there other than sharing their truths, but I suppose you can’t really be too careful about fake accounts posting crap to further their creators’ agendas these days can you? All these accounts SEEM like they’re authentic though, so what does that mean?

Of course, the most obvious answer is also the simplest – that Meghan probably was very nice when she worked on ‘Suits’ and whatever else, but then turned into a bit of a bitch when she married Prince Harry. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and can easily exist in the same timeline of a person.

Whether or not either side of these accounts is exaggerated or fabricated is anyone’s guess though. Make your own mind up and make sure you tune into the interview on Sunday I guess. It’s gonna be a long month.

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