Thousands Of Owen Wilson Fans Are Meeting To Collectively Say ‘Wow’ Together

Owen Wilson


People have always marvelled at the way that Owen Wilson says ‘wow’, but in the past couple of weeks it has developed into something more than that after meme after meme about him doing it has emerged, and the culmination of that movement is coming together in the event describe in this article.

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The event has been started by the Facebook page titled ‘Owen Wilson Wowposting’ and is entitled ‘Say Wow Like Owen Wilson At Federation Square’ and is due to happen today. Unfortunately for most of you reading this, Federation Square is located in Melbourne so you probably won’t be able to attend, but hopefully there’s a video of the event for us all to check out later on.

In case you’re unsure what this is going to involve, then the premise is quite simple. A whole bunch of people are going to meet up in this square and say ‘wow’ like Owen Wilson for a few minutes. There’s going to be a hype speech beforehand as well to ensure that everyone attending is really up for it and truly pumped up to say ‘wow’ as much like Owen Wilson as possible and for a really long time. Sounds like it’s really going to be one for the ages.

Apparently 4200 people are scheduled to show up with a further 15,000 more interested, but as we all probably know from Facebook events that isn’t exactly an accurate figure by any means. Still, even with half that amount or even a quarter it’s going to be a pretty stupid event. Can’t wait to see the footage.

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