Thorpe Park Is Reopening On July 4th And People Are Mad About It

Queues are gonna be massive with social distancing.

I hadn’t given too much thought to when theme parks would re-open because of the COVID-19 crisis, but it turns out that Thorpe Park have had the wheel in motion for a while and will be re-opening on July 4th.

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The announcement was made via their Twitter account and I initially thought most people would be happy about it – however the reaction was decidedly negative as people questioned how social distancing would be observed and the fact that it was kind of ridiculous they could ride Nemesis but not hug their parents. You also gotta think about how big the queues are gonna be over the summer now.

Here’s some of the best reaction:

I mean when the law is taken literally this does seem kind of stupid, but the transmission rate is allegedly less than 1% outside and if there’s an empty row between riders as suggested I suppose they are adhering to social distancing rules, although I do wonder how they’re going to enforce that for some of those queues. I think most people out here by now probably are hugging their parents/ grandparents and shagging their boyfriends anyway, but it does seem slightly stupid that you can’t do that but travel to a massive theme park instead.

What do you expect from 2020 though at this point? Make your own mind up.

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