Conservatives Are Blasting Rage Against The Machine For Being A Political Band

They’ve only just realised.

When you look back on history, I don’t really think there’s any way that you could describe Rage Against The Machine as anything other than a political band, but according to Twitter today a whole bunch of people seemed to have completely missed the point as they’re now raging at guitarist Tom Morello and the rest of the band for vocalising their political beliefs.

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It all started with this tweet from a guy called Scott Castaneda, but even though most people were like ‘OMG u dumb’ to him (but in slightly more articulate terms) there were a couple of people out there who agreed with him as well. One of them even gets a personal telling off from Tom Morello himself. You really couldn’t make it up:

OK so it turns out that it was definitely a minority of people who actually thought they weren’t a political band and most people were just talking about how their minds were blown that someone could not realise this, but even so I think it’s kinda crazy that three people out there could not get that Rage Against The Machine had a certain political slant to their music. Literally every single one of their songs is about some aspects of politics. Mind-blowing.

For more of the same, here’s a story about Rage Against The Machine playing a small town in Utah. Very good.


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