This Woman Has Made A Handbag Out Of Her Dead Cat For Some Reason


Not really digging this.

As far as taxidermy goes, I’m not really into it but I suppose it can be kind of cool to have a dead stag’s head mounted on your wall or something. Kind of……I don’t think that making a handbag out of a dead cat is anywhere near that level of acceptability though.

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This is not true of Kiwi taxidermist Claire Hobbs though, who decided to undertake this task when she came across a cat that had been run over when she was driving around Christchurch. She picked it up and took it back to her house, where she turned it into a handbag and whacked it up for sale on an auction site over there.

It has a starting price of £785 (NZ $1400) and looks set to go for much more than that when the auction closes tomorrow. Get bidding?

If you need any more convincing here’s another picture and the item’s description:


One off glamour puss purse

A very stylish handbag …for the girl that has everything a one off purse that will grab attention whereever you go
This handbag will last for years and years as long as it is looked after.
The purse strap is easily changed to suit your taste….

This is not for the faint hearted…….
no animals were killed or hurt to create this piece

Yeah, she’s really selling it there huh? Not really too sure how to feel about it all but I suppose it’s original and the cat was already dead so you may as well use it for something? Maybe? It’s basically really weird isn’t it and whoever ends up buying it for that price – or whatever price it eventually goes for – is going to be complete weird too. Hopefully we’ll get a picture of them.

In the meantime, check out this story about a woman hiding one of her turds in her handbag on her first date. Turned out better than you might think.


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