This Woman Has Been Accused Of Trading Sex For Nachos


She asked the undercover police officer for the nachos four times.

Prostitution probably isn’t the best career to find yourself in, but if you are in a position where you’re charging people for sex in the back of the car park of a Mexican restaurant, you might as well try and get some perks on top of your price. Like some nachos.

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That’s exactly the situation that 36 year old Crystal D. Hotlosz of Clairsville, Ohio found herself in when she started soliciting sex on and basing herself out of the car park of the Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant. An undercover policeman arranged to meet her, and was told that the cost of a sex act would be $60 plus some of the nachos from the restaurant. She was very specific about the nachos, asking the officer four times.


Unfortunately for Hotlosz, she didn’t get the money, the sex or the nachos as she was instead arrested by the police officer along with the guy who drove her to the restaurant, who I’m guessing was her pimp. They’re both now in Mahoning County Jail and presumably gonna stay there for a while. No nachos in the foreseeable future, maybe that explains why Crystal was so desperate to get some.

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