Baskin Robbins Introduces Ice Cream Nachos

ice cream nachos

Nachos and ice cream seem like a match made in heaven, so it’s surprising that nobody has combined them until Baskin Robbins recently decided to put them together and see what happened.

ice cream nachos

Ice cream nachos huh? Trust our old friends at Baskin Robbins to come up with an innovation that really should have come onto the market a long time ago. It seems so obvious to combine Mexican food with ice cream that I can’t believe nobody has done it yet. It’s probably a good thing that Baskin Robbins decided to do it though because I hadn’t even thought about Baskin Robbins for years – it seems like Ben & Jerry really have the home ice cream market dominated these days and hose 31 flavours just weren’t doing it for Baskin Robbins anymore. They needed something new. Like ice cream nachos.

So anyway, ice cream nachos – just what the hell are they? Well, as you can imagine they’re a combination of ice cream and nachos. No wait, they’re not – they’re just being marketed as such – in fact the slogan is even that they are ‘cooler than nachos.’ They’re actually called ‘waffle chip dippers’ and they’re pretty much some waffle chips and some ice cream, with a couple of extras like M & M’s, Snickers pieces and chocolate syrup. And you dip the wafers into the ice cream and then put it in your mouth, kinda like when you’re eating nachos I guess. Mmmmm mmmm.

You buy the pack from the store for $2.99 (I think they’re only available in the US right now, which is bullshit obviously but hopefully they’ll make it over before too long) and they come in a little tub with everything mentioned above all set up, ready to eat which sounds great right?  I mean that promo picture looks awesome and combining nachos and ice cream sounds pretty much perfect huh?

Well you would be wrong. Every review I have read so far of Baskin Robbins ice cream nachos has been universally negative. I guess I was a bit of an idiot to think that the actual product would look anything like the promo material as it’s fairly obvious that food like this would fall into the McDonalds advertising camp i.e. the food looks delicious in the promo pictures but shows up looking rank and in the case of McDonalds, stays exactly the same if it’s left out for a year on a shelf but I still thought it sounded like a cooler version of a McFlurry.

But no, apparently it really sucks. It doesn’t come in the cool dish that you can see in the promo shot earlier but rather some kind of lame clear plastic one and the ice cream allegedly melts really quickly at room temperature, so you’re practically racing against the clock to finish it before it’s all melted and you can’t even use the wafers/nachos to scoop it up because it’s all runny and you can’t get it to stick to your nacho/wafer effectively, which sounds kind of annoying. Maybe they should have tested that before announcing it to such a fanfare. I haven’t actually had one myself so can’t comment definitively but these pictures make it look a whole lot crapper than I thought it was going to be. Here’s hoping they sort it out before they start selling it in England and it can actually achieve the potential of the idea rather than being a crappy mess:

ice cream nachos 1

ice cream nachos 2

ice cream nachos 3


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