This Watch That Isn’t A Watch Is The Most Pointless Kickstarter Creation Ever


For people with more money than sense.

Someone’s started a Kickstarter campaign for their creation called the ‘Infinity Piece’. It’s essentially just a watch without a clock face.

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I totally get what the creator, Levi Maestro, is trying to do here. It’s like a spiritual reminder to stop worrying about time when you’re doing something that you love. The face even has the quote:

When you’re dedicated to what you love, time becomes irrelevant.

So yes, I guess it’s a nice message. But these days we’ve got all kinds of things that can remind us of that, without having to wear some douchey, faceless watch on our wrists. Plus anytime someone asks you why you’re wearing that thing, as soon as you start explaining that, “time is irrelevant when you’re doing something you love,” they’re going to think you’re the biggest prick in the world.

The supporting video is equally as cheesy as the concept. Still, if it’s something you’re interested in then you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign HERE. Levi’s going to need your support too – he’s only raised just under $6,000 of the $40,000 goal.

For a more successful Kickstarter story, check out this invention which racked up $3.5 million in less than 10 days. Amazing.


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