This Little Invention Just Raised $3.5 Million On Kickstarter In Less Than 10 Days

Now that’s what I call a gamechanger.

This little piece of equipment is known as the ‘Skarp’ razor, and as you might’ve guessed it’s a brand new razor that looks fairly regular but works in a completely different way to your conventional razor.

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Instead of using the old fashioned blade, Skarp razor uses LASERS to cut through your hair for a super close, super smooth shave.


Its design means you don’t need to worry about scratches, cuts, razor burns, infections, itches or any irritation whatsoever. You won’t even need to replace any cartridges. In fact the Skarp will last you ages with the laser’s 50,000-hour life span.

So it’s no wonder this thing has raised $3.5 million and counting on Kickstarter, despite the fact its inventors Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun were only asking for $160,000.

People just fucking love lasers I guess, though it would be pretty cool to see it demonstrated on someone’s actual beard instead of just telling us how awesome it is. We’ll keep an eye out for that video but it looks like people have plenty of faith in the product working exactly how these dudes say it will.

P.S. Bet this guy wishes the Skarp existed a year ago.


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