This Walmart Team Bonding Song Will Make You Die Inside


We are, we are WALMART.

Team bonding is an important part of keeping morale high in most workplaces these days, and as such, an inordinate amount of time seems to be spent on a variety of activities designed to bring you and your fellow employees closer together.

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Sometimes they work, more often than not they don’t and the video below is a spectacular example of the latter. It was taken a few years ago at a Walmart somewhere in the United States, and features your typical small town manager guy with a moustache trying to rouse all his employees in a rendition of a song called ‘We Are Walmart’, which is sang to the tune of ‘We Will Rock You’.

Yes, it’s as bad and as cringeworthy as you would expect:

Wow. When he starts rapping it’s just something else really isn’t it?

I hope I never have to work in a place like that and it looks like most of the people standing there don’t really seem to want to be there either. I love the guys leaning on the counter who look like they would rather be anywhere but there. Such a great video.

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