This Video Shows A 660 Pound Woman Who Can Barely Stand Up

A new series of My 600 LB life is starting up in January and as you can imagine some of the contestants are pretty big.

A new series of The Learning Channel’s ‘My 600 LB Life’ is premiering in January and it’s been revealed that one of the latest people to be profiled on it will be 660 LB Amber from the awful sounding town of Troutdale, Oregon.

She’s only 24 yet somehow has ballooned to this weight and fears that she’s killing herself with her eating habits and will never have a normal life. There’s every chance she won’t, but unless she starts doing something about it it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon. Fortunately the show will help her with that, as it follows one year in her life as she seeks to lose the weight necessary to get gastric band surgery.

Amber 600 LB 2

Here’s what she has to say about her condition:

Sometimes I think to myself I’m never gonna change. Everything hurts…my back hurts, my shins hurt. I am so limited in what I can do and where I can go. I feel trapped.

I feel like a nasty, yucky monster… I feel like I have failed myself and my parents. I see a lot of pity in my mum’s face when she looks at, mostly I think she’s just sad for me.

Amber lives with her mother and boyfriend (who must be a feeder, right?) and can’t even get down the stairs without help from her mother. She also has to wash herself by sitting on the toilet. Let’s hope she can actually lose the weight and sort her life out, although as is often the case with people this obese it’s a long, long way back and not all of them make it.

The new series also profiles an 802 LB guy called Joe who can no longer leave the house and 787 LB Charity whose daughter has been forced to look after her since she was 8 years old. Sounds like riveting T – make sure you tune in – although none of them were as big as the fattest man in the world who recently died weighting 908 LB. Jesus.


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