This Veteran’s Day Party Was The Best Ever Thanks To These Two Porn Stars (NSFW)


Doing their bit for the community.

It’s often said that war veterans don’t get the credit that they’re due from a lot of members of society, but one man who was determined to make a difference and honour them was Mike Bussey.

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Bussey runs the infamous Sausage Castle party house in Florida and he wanted to make sure that the veterans received the praise they deserved this year. He set about organising the biggest free party and inviting any veteran who wanted to make it, with several travelling huge distances from other states in order to attend.

Despite serving free food and drinks at the party, Bussey had one other special bonus for the veterans that made attendance at his party so desirable – he had arranged to two porn stars to give blow jobs to whichever veterans wanted them. Result.

Elite Daily were on hand to film the action:

Looks pretty fun right? I guess if you like standing around drinking beer with other veterans watching some of your number sporadically get blow jobs that is, although I can think of worse ways to celebrate, that’s for sure.

I suppose some people – like the woman in the video – would argue that the event was morally bankrupt, but it seemed like everyone who was there wanted to be there and were attending of their own free will so I don’t see anything wrong with it. Give these guys a break, they deserve it.

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