This Vet Just Gave A Goldfish Braces

Goldfish With Braces

This fish is going to have straighter teeth than you.

I had braces and it was a shitty experience. I spent my whole childhood wishing I had them (yeah, I was a weird kid) but then my wish finally came true and I was introduced to a world of pain.

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Not only do they hurt like a bitch, but they make you look pretty awful too. This goldfish will vouch for that. Yeah, a fucking goldfish.

Dr Brian Palmeiro – from Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology, Pennsylvania – has become the first vet to ever fit a brace on a goldfish. That’s some accolade.

The surgery was carried out on one Mr Hot Wing after he was born without a lower jaw bone. This meant he struggled to open his mouth; and was unable to eat or breathe properly.

Dr Palmer carried out some serious goldfish research before coming up with the solution of a brace constructed from an old credit card. The procedure cost Mr Hot Wing’s owners a grand total of $150 (£105).

The one thing that’s really confusing me about this (aside from the obvious – that it’s a fucking goldfish) is how you’d even perform surgery on something that lives underwater. I guess they could keep it wet but surely it isn’t as easy as that?

Still, it’s nice to see someone helping fish rather than cutting them up in the street for money.


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