This Tattoo Pattern Vending Machine Will Help You Choose Your Next Ink

Tattoo Vending Machine

Would you risk it?

Getting a tattoo can be a pretty big undertaking, as you’re effectively going to mark your body with ink for the rest of your life.

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A lot of people might struggle with this idea, which is where this new tattoo vending machine comes in. It has been created for people who are struggling over what to get, as it makes the decision for you by randomly giving out designs. It’s currently sitting in Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas but who knows – if the idea takes off then it could be a feature of tattoo shops all over the world.

The premise is fairly simple – you pay $100 and spin the wheel. The design pops out and you can get it tattooed right there and then by the people in the shop, or if you really hate it then you can spin again for an extra $20. All of the designs are classic and of a good quality – old-school snakes, devil heads, etc. – so they’re not gonna sell you up the river here. It’s also cheaper to do it this way as the designs normally vary from $150-$250.

Sounds like a pretty dope idea to me, and a cool way to get new ink. Here’s a look at the machine in action, as well as some of the designs it’s given out so far:

I mean yeah, in fairness some of those aren’t bad at all and it’s probably a pretty fun game if you don’t mind what you’re going to get etched onto your body for the rest of your life. If that appeals to you then head over to Texas or show this article to your local tattoo shop and encourage them to do the same.

Even if you get something that isn’t so hot, at least you know it won’t be as terrible as the 31 worst face tattoos of all time. What were those guys thinking?


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