This Real Life Version Of The Hitman Game Is Awesome

Hitman Real Life

Lucky players got to control Agent 47 as he infiltrated a Kingpin’s mansion and had to kill him undetected.

There’s something absolutely awesome about seeing video games come to life in reality, because you’re just like ‘whoa that’s a video game I know really well but now real people are doing it and it’s freaky’, so I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often to be honest. I suppose it’s pretty difficult to actually get it all set up and sorted out etc etc.

Nevertheless, to promo the new Hitman game, Realm have decided to create a real life version of their iconic video game. In it, some geeks are controlling a real life version of Hitman via a headset as they attempt to guide him around a mansion and have him take out a target. All the classic stealth moves are there – including that one where you choke someone out with a wire – so hardcore fans of the game will be happy.

It’s also remarkably intense – way more so than the video game:

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That was awesome – kind of like a modern day version of Knightmare where it was all about killing people rather than solving stupid riddles that didn’t make any sense. It was cool seeing the different ways people went through the level too, although it wasn’t always clear what was going on. Maybe they’ll release the full versions of people’s run throughs at a later date – we can but hope.

For more of the same, here’s a guy creating FIFA gameplay in real life.


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