This Psychotic Teenager Is Convinced She Is Pregnant With Baby Jesus

Haley pregnant

Nice try.

A 19-year-old girl over in the U.S. is convinced that she is pregnant with Jesus, despite failing numerous pregnancy tests.

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Haley appeared on Dr Phil where she explained that she was carrying Christ and said she even felt him kicking and punching her stomach. Jesus sounds like an aggy little fucker.

Because her family doesn’t believe her (obviously) they dragged her onto the show and she is soon set to have an ultrasound to put the whole thing to bed. Questions is, is there any truth in this claim? Well, I’ll leave that to you to decide. This video should help you figure that out:

Yeah, definitely just some crazy dumb teenager who has put on a few pounds. She just needs to put the fork down, not start planning for motherhood. Moron.

This isn’t the first lie she’s told either. Apparently Haley has also made claims that she used to be an ‘America Idol’ contestant, a kidney donor and Eminem’s daughter. Shut the fuck up Haley – no one likes a liar. Rather than a pregnancy test, her family should be taking this liar quiz to get this girl to finally quit fibbing.


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