This Pop Up Restaurant On Mount Everest Costs $1050 Per Head



These days, the pop up restaurant is the epitome of cool: it’s so exclusive and niche that you only get so many chances to eat there and once it’s gone it’s gone. That pretty much means that it’s guaranteed that it’ll sell out every serving and be a huge success, merely because it’s a pop up. This is the world we live in now.

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So, it makes perfect sense that the next generation of pop up restaurants is progressing in such a way that they’re going to be so exclusive and niche that it will be almost impossible to even visit them. This has possibly already peaked with the recent announcement of a $1050 pop up located at Mount Everest’s base camp.

It’s worth nothing at this point that the price of the menu doesn’t include travel to and from the camp, which takes at least two weeks and probably costs another couple of grand too. Basically, if you attend this pop up then you really will be able to brag about it at dinner parties with your foodie friends for the rest of your natural life. Is it going to be worth it though?

Tom Aikens

The restaurant itself is the brainchild of a guy called Tom Aikens, who was once a chef at the best restaurant in the world NOMA. He’s now running something called One Star House Party, where he aims to execute 20 pop ups in 20 different countries. Having already had successful stints in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok, he’s now set his sights on Everest. Nothing like a change of scenery eh?

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I doubt anyone reading this will be taking the trip but hey, if you are then let us know how it is. I hope there’s a vegan option on the menu, although the last time a vegan visited Everest it didn’t go so well. RIP.


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