This Morning Viewers ‘Disgusted’ By Model Who Had Six Ribs Removed To Look Like Cartoon

This Morning

How is she still breathing?

A woman who has spent over £500,000 on 200 cosmetic procedures to look like a cartoon character appeared on today’s episode of ‘This Morning’.

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Although her appearance was rather alarming, it was when Pixee Fox stood up to show off her waist that the comments really started to flood in. Shockingly, this woman had six of her own ribs removed so that she could “look like a cartoon”. Check it:

You’ve really got to wonder what’s going on with this world when people’s main goals and aspirations involve something as vacuous as looking a certain way. Why not aspire to be a writer or traveller or musician – not deforming your own body for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Also, what sort of doctor would actually perform that surgery? I know that she says she doesn’t need to wear the corset, but even one fall or accident could destroy one of her major organs. I normally say each to their own to people who get involved in all this cosmetic surgery BS, but I really think removing six ribs should be where the line is drawn.

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