This Manager Is Trying To Harvest The Sperm Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Cristiano Ronaldo


Talk about long term planning.

If you want your football team to improve, it’s normally only going to happen for one reason: hard work on the training field. But this guy thinks he’s got a better solution: harvest the sperm of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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Norwegian manager Ole Vidar Toftesund has filmed a plea to the two global megastars for their sperm, saying that he is tired of being let down by his fat lazy players and will impregnate their girlfriends with their sperm so that the team will get good in 20 years time. Talk about long term planning.

He even filmed the following video message to try and facilitate it all happening:

Well that was certainly heartfelt wasn’t it? I’m struggling to believe that this is actually real and not some kind of publicity stunt for the team, but considering they’re really shit and in the lower tiers of Norwegian football, I’m not even sure what the publicity from a stupid video like this would actually even achieve for them?

So yeah, for that reason I’m inclined to believe it’s real and this guy has just lost his marbles after spending so long coaching shit players with absolutely no success. I really doubt this is going to work though, although Gazza would probably be up for it. Maybe give him a call? Doubt Zlatan or Ronaldo are going to be too forthcoming with their sperm though.

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