This Kid’s Hilarious Disappointed Reaction To His Surprise Bedroom Makeover Has Gone Viral

Oh man.

I can’t really remember my parents surprising me with too much when I was younger, but I think I probably would have had a similar reaction to the kid in this video if they had changed everything around in my bedroom without asking me about it first. I mean I liked the way things were, so why would I want them to be changed around?

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This is the reaction that the kid in the video below has had after he comes home to find out that his parents have painted his room without letting him know. I’m sure it was meant to be a nice surprise for the kid, but he looks like he’s more gutted that they didn’t let him help out with the painting from his reaction and what he says below:

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Aww man. That’s so cute but also kinda heartbreaking as well – all he wanted to do was help paint his room and he hates that he missed out on that.

Fortunately, the kid’s parent Erik Lynner explained that he cheered up once they explained a couple of things to him:

After the first initial meltdown he was great, he was more upset that he thought his sister helped once we explained she wasn’t home he was fine.

Classic sibling rivalry and kinda funny that that’s the first thing that he would be concerned about when he found his room was painted, but I suppose that’s what it’s like when you’re four years old and your sister is in your face all the time. Hopefully his viral fame will serve as some antidote to this and will enable him to get one over his sister.

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