This Incredibly Racist Episode From The First Season Of ‘Jerry Springer’ Is Actually Unbelievable

This is messed up.

‘The Jerry Springe Showr’ is one of those shows like ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’- the clue is in the name – that you look back on and can’t believe that it was actually accepted as part of our day to day routine – it was just on every day so seemed like part of the furniture, no matter how morally bankrupt it might have been.

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Anyway, I’m not an expert on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ but the episodes that I remember were nowhere near as messed up as this unearthed clip from the first season that someone has just posted on Twitter. Apparently it’s really hard to see any footage from that original series and when you watch the videos below you’ll be able to understand why – it’s completely and unashamedly racist to a level that’s absolutely shocking considering it was only thirty or so years ago. Pretty much some Klu Klu Klan shit.

Check it out below and see what you think:

Wow. I’m glad that someone tweeted that second video because the first clip is very cleverly edited to suggest that Springer just loved allowing racist and anti-semitic families onto his show to spin their diatribe. Even so, it’s very weird that the show solely seems to have children in the audience and on the stage spouting out their bigoted views. What was going on back then?

As for that one guy at the end who literally looks exactly like Hitler and his weird ‘keep black beautiful’ phrase, the less said about him the better. I wonder what all these people are doing with their lives right now?

Sadly I know that they probably live in a weird small town in rural South Dakota espousing their racist views in a tiny hut with other like minded people at a ‘meeting’ every other week. They never go away.

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