This Guy’s Hike Into The Woods Turned Out A Lot Creepier Than He’d Imagined (VIDEO)


It’s like the start of a Rob Zombie movie.

The best horror movies are super scary because they tap into that part of your brain that makes you think it COULD happen but isn’t likely to ever actually happen because it’s so freaky. I mean you would never really be hiking through the woods and come across a clearing with loads of missing person posters hanging up all around it, would you?

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Well you would think so, but apparently it happened to this guy over the weekend. Here’s what he said about it:

This is something I stumbled across while hiking in the woods this afternoon.

There’s like 25 missing persons posters taped to the trees, along with some ratty old bedding, a shovel, a large tent, and a collapsed handmade wooden cage surrounding a filled-in hole.

I tried to get as many of the posters in frame as I could but the video was aborted when I heard voices coming from the direction of the adjacent residence.

Recorded on the afternoon of October 3rd 2016 (‘Mean Girls Day’) in Suffolk County, NY.

Hmmm. Take a look at the footage below and see what you think:

Then there’s also part two, accompanied by the following message:

After wandering around the forest for an hour or so, hoping to elude whatever crazed maniac might or might not have been looking for me, I returned to the location for the sole purpose of saving a geotag on Gmaps and possibly taking a piece of evidence to show to law enforcement.

Hmmm again. I mean, I dunno – my first instinct was obviously that it was some kind of promo teaser for some new horror movie, but the fact that the whole thing is about 20 minutes long kinda makes me think it isn’t because that’s some extensive footage that nobody is really going to sit through, or at least not as many people as you would hope to.

So I kinda think it’s real, but I’ve got no idea what the hell is going on with it. If you Google the names on the posters, they’re actually all legitimate missing people which makes the whole thing even creepier. What the hell is going on over there? The guy only uploaded yesterday afternoon, so maybe the police will investigate and get some answers but right now it’s pretty freaky. Don’t really know what to think about why that place would exist, do you?

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