This Guy’s Wife Pulled Off The Wildest Move Ever (VIDEO)



There’s probably nothing more annoying than forgetting your lunch when you’re on your way to work, as not only have you wasted your time making it you’re also going to have to spend a load of money to replace it and it’s probably not even going to be on something nicer or as healthy for you.

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It’s a major screw up basically and totally ruins your day most of the time. That’s why the video below is so awesome.

Turns out that some dude had forgotten his lunch but couldn’t head back to get it because he would be even later or whatever. So he got his absolutely sick wife to throw his sandwich down into the car through the sun roof from whatever floor their flat is on, and being a complete and utter sickhead she got it right in there with no questions asked. Boom:

What an absolute babe – I be 99% of people I know couldn’t get that shot first time. She didn’t even sound overly surprised or too stoked about getting it in either, like it was the kind of thing she just rocked up every week and does, no questions asked. Those are the kind of qualities I’m looking for in a wife.

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